Maintaining Self Discipline
The mind must be robust like this house!

Maintaining Self Discipline

Spiritual growth goes hand in hand with your own mental fortitude and self discipline. For example, you can observe the lifestyles of Shaolin monks of specialised shamans in their daily routines and lifestyle choices and see how a persons mental disposition can dramatically affect your alignment with source energy.

Firstly, one must not berate or chastise the self for being undisciplined or conceding to his or her vices, as we are all human and therefor fallible. The fallibility of life is in our design, thus allowing us maximum potential in our learnings and experiences. To be infallible is to become God, and to become God  is to be without purpose in this experience- for what is there then to learn?

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

When considering your discipline first ask what it is you need to be disciplined about? It is true that everything is acceptable when done in moderation, so perhaps what you perceive to be holding you back is not the thing but is perhaps you perception of the thing itself.

There is no urgency to cast away all which constitutes to who you are in order to become some kind of ascended master- remember the objective here is to live a fulfilling life, not a perfect one. Examine what constitutes your day and what brings your pleasure- by examining your general state of being on a daily basis and your emotional reaction to all things you can get a general idea of your chakra balances. Chakra balancing is not something you need to focus on if you do not believe in it, however nevertheless it cab be a good visualisation tool when working on oneself.

Consider looking into chakra balancing! 

When considering where you want to end up in life overall you should consider the necessary chakra balance which best serves this purpose. An overactive yellow ray may distract you from the stimuli required in green ray activation. Over activation in a particular ray does not subtract from another, however there is limited time in the day to sufficiently work on every ray to the point of crystallisation, so some must be prioritised over others depending on what best serves your purpose. It must be noted however that in nearly all cases, green ray workings will help you get to where you want to go.

Replace lazy habits with motivated ones! 

It is to be noted that in order to purify bad habits it is always worth trying to replace them with newer habits which serve you more directly and align with your journey. Laziness is often seen as a barrier, but this comes from the mental transfixing on a task being insurmountable. This is not really laziness, but more negative thinking- the bane of maintaining self discipline (see our article about fear based thinking)  A simple practice of mental preparation before the undertaking of this said task can go a long way.

Keeping a diary or to do list of sorts outlining tasks which need completing a solid day or two before can allow for the mind ample time to adjust to the idea of undertaking a task, opening the ego mind to the possibilities which come with its completion. It is good to reference back to this diary often during the day in order to avoid any ‘surprise’ responsibilities or tasks which the mind may offer resistance in its undertaking. 

This goes for spiritual workings as well- though they are of a slightly different nature to household chores, as they require a ‘warming up’ of your body/minds system in order to attain a level of real tangible effects in most cases. This is however dependent on your own preference- attaining a calm mind with 3 minute meditation can be acquired most easily, whilst manifesting the energy and power to heal is another undertaking entirely. With both of these undertakings, repetition is key on the road to becoming adept.


Once you are able to make a good habit, in most cases you will find less pleasure in what you perceive to be a bad habit. Self discipline is not meant to be hard, it is more about knowing the self well enough so that your subconscious maintains your own happiness.

Love of self, love of self, love of self! 

Creating small milestones allows for greater long term progress. To transition from being an alcoholic to a priest in a matter of days may be too great an undertaking for most and may encourage the ego mind to begin fear-based self judgement and disappointment processes.

The mind must be worked with from a position of love. To attempt to control the workings of your own ego mind is in itself falling into negative fear-based thinking, but to unconditionally love the self have patience with the self and to be sensitive to the needs of the self allows for more positive spiritual growth.

When it comes to self discipline, repetition, patience, pacing and perspective are your 5 keys.

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