Maintaining friendships while being spiritual conscious.
A Collective of Friends Creates Community

Maintaining friendships while being spiritual conscious.

How to maintain your relationships with friends whilst sustaining a balanced spiritual focus. 

So you feel like you understand life and the spiritual nature of the universe now. You’ve read countless articles, watched plenty channeller videos, meditate daily, have your crystals and the dots are starting to really connect- even google doesn’t seem to be able to provide you with the answers you need.  You look around and see your friends, you see your past self reflected in their being and you feel lightyears ahead. Its only natural that you think it your moral responsibility to spread your understanding amongst those in your circles and get them along the path of spiritual ascension along with you.

You want them to stop worrying about inconsequential trivialities, such as what top looks best with their boots and taking pictures of their pets funny expressions- well stop. Allows people to enjoy their human experience, just like they allow you to enjoy yours. The number one rule of creation installed in the blueprint of the universe is free will. People are allowed to do and think as they please and you trying to affect their views by seeding your own against their will is just another method of control. Controlling others is another artifice of negative orientation, and although nothing is “bad” in being negatively oriented- just as the negative side of the battery is not the ‘wrong side’ we simply prefer to promote and spread positivity here as love and compassion is in our human DNA.

Avoid trying to control that which is outside the self. 

Instead of sliding down the path of manipulation, try to listen and learn more about your friends through their views. When you are asked for advice THEN it may be more appropriate to share your thoughts and views. No one is right and no one is wrong, there are only perspectives. integration of emotion is important in order to process your experiences more fully. Check in with yourself when your friends views trigger you. Is it because they are wrong in fact and you want to correct them? Or because their belief system differs from your own and you simply want others to think the same thing as you. You are not helping your friends by making them feel like their entire life is a lie- because it certainly isn’t!

It is important to follow your heart when interacting with your friends as social interaction is always situational and therefor can be tricky coming up with a catch-all method of keeping it positive and spiritually uplifting. Your best bet is to respect their sovereignty and spread love any way you can.

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