Whats real? How to feel both sane and enlightened.
Enlightening = Knowledge and Understanding

Whats real? How to feel both sane and enlightened.

The hardest thing about becoming increasingly spiritually enlightened and more existentially conscious is the feeling that none of it is happening, you may be going crazy and that you are alone. This is not uncommon and are perfectly acceptable processes/feelings! It must be first understood that these thoughts and feelings come from the ego mind. The ego mind is a very necessary artifice of the 3D experience as it allows for the most authentic and engrossing experience of this so called ‘illusion’. Faith and belief is not supposed to come as easily as the acceptance of proven facts. How your belief systems work is a bit part of who you are!

Expand your conscious mind to start!

The most surefire way to feel more at ease with yourself is to research. You will quickly find that you are one of tens of thousands at the very least experiencing the same enlightened sensations. Logically speaking its highly unlikely we are all experiencing the exact same variation of insanity simultaneously right?! If the ego-mind cannot understand it, it will try to reject it. This is where thinking from the heart comes in. The heard centre is where you should try to be when processing your own ascension and spiritual evolution as it is where you will get the most spiritual ‘milage’ lets say.

Do not be afraid to try new things! As long as it is positively oriented and you have done your research you have nothing to lose by exploring your own spirituality in seeking answers. Look into crystal workings, incense and perhaps tarot cards and see if you experience any particular understandings or alignments. There will come a point where your ego mind will stop interrupting your growth when it becomes clear that what you are experiencing is both real and positive. Every time your belief system experiences a change your molecular DNA structure shifts as well to adapt. The more this happens the more ‘on board’ you will feel your ego-mind is.

An enlightened state is not that of logic, but balance. 

Your rational ego-mind must be treated with the same unconditional love that you emit to others around you, as we are all on the same team. Trying to force visible results or experimenting to find ‘proof’ is not necessarily bad however it distracts and circumvents the real determinant of this process, being faith.

When surrounded by people it may be hard to fit in, as your thoughts are in a completely different galaxy, but this is where grounding yourself comes into play. Think of everyone as a player on a sports field- everyone is simply playing ot enjoy the game. You are no different, except you may may just be a little more aware of the nature of the sport, its origins and what happens when the match is finished. This shouldn’t and doesn’t make you any different to anyone else on the field. If anything it should be humbling and make the game more enjoyable! As now you have the tools to better navigate and appreciate the beautiful illusion. Do not feel you have to understand 100% of what is going on 100% of the time.

Most of the universe is simply beyond our understanding, the trick is to love unconditionally and enjoy the present moment. Following this, everything will fall into place as per the will of god/source/whatever you want to call it!

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