How to Overcome Fear Based Thought
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How to Overcome Fear Based Thought

It must first be understood that fear originates from the unconscious mind as both a mechanism for survival and a means to remain engrossed in the 3D experience. The sensation of fear itself is an illusion, but a necessary one depending on your view. For those intending to develop a higher spiritual awareness and ascend into a more multi dimensional state of being, the feeing of fear will only obstruct your ‘climb’ if you will. This should not however imply that fear should be ‘conquered’ as is often stated- quite the opposite. It must be understood, worked with and finally, let go.

Fear is in itself an illusionary sensation designed for the maintaining of an authentic three-dimensional experience.

The means to do this vary from person to person and it also varies depending on the type of fear being worked with.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

We will start with the small fears that plague our daily life and impair our ability to love the other self. Examples of these are fear of rejection, being misunderstood, or alienation. Various manifestations of social anxiety if you will, quite common amongst young people.

These fears are of a lower vibrational frequency (as all fears are) but can be worked with by developing your understanding of your own personality, be it through meditation of an inner conversation with ones self. What is it exactly that I am afraid of happening here? Is this a rational thinking process? What feeling do I need more of to balance this sensation? Nine times out of ten the answer is more self love. A love of self being encouraged in the the lower rays (dealing with all forms of social interactions) will inspire both confidence and courage in the present moment.

Overcome fear by living in the present!

This brings us to our next topic of interest; the present moment. Working exclusively within the present moment is crucial, as running through future scenarios which have not manifested yet is inherently fear-based thinking. The future cannot be controlled and the past cannot be changed (both are illusions anyways, but for the sake of discussion) an attempt to control these things is what pulls the frequency you emit down to lower fear based levels. Focusing on unconditional love towards self and others in the now-moment is a pretty reliable way to work through unconscious fear.

All this being said, fear is a great alarm bell to notify your higher intuition that your thinking pattern needs shifting. To live without ever experiencing fear can hardly be called a human experience, it is a natural process- however it is the dwelling on fear which can inhibit your spiritual growth.

Working and thinking from your heart centre effectively nullifies your fear based emotion. Archetypes are also a very useful tool. To state a personal example, I imagine my fear manifested as a black cat named ‘Tamir’ whenever such emotions arise. This allows me to conceptualise my fear as harmless whenever I find myself in a vulnerable situation.

Sometimes overcoming your fears requires courage.

There are times however when fear cannot be minimised, like when your life feels under threat for example. Times which require an emotion (vibrational frequency) more along the lines of courage. Courage is a high vibrational emotion and has more to do with the feeling of faith. A belief in the self and the unconditional love towards all things. Combined, faith and love in the self and the other will create a continuous now moment forever devoid of any and all fear. In this vibrational range we will find ourselves in a position of great inner strength, and continuous positivity in our being.

We experience fear virtually every day. It is not about suppression, but more recognition.

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