How to Stay Grounded
Life is Precious

How to Stay Grounded

Your awakening is unique to you, but in general terms we will describe it as a newfound awareness in who you are and what your place is in this beautiful cosmic illusion we call life. Its important to stay grounded during this process.

Recognise the significance in your humanity. If you believe in reincarnation you must consider how ancient the soul is. You have (in linear time terms) experienced countless things, places, beings etc. and each experience in itself is the most significant one depending on where you are consciously. Take pride in your humanity- nowadays it seems it is trendy to condemn your humanity, but this actually quite counterintuitive to maintaining a positive existence.

Stay grounded in knowing who you are right now.

People ascribe a lot of significance to the term ‘starseed’ and wish to remember their experiences in other timelines, planets, dimensions or whatever- but your present moment is always the single most important one. Even though it feels as though humans are going in the wrong direction, you must appreciate that there is no ‘right’ direction, as your judgements are only your minds desire to control that which is outside of your own being. This can only lead to negative vibrational frequencies and thoughts.

Happiness and being content are states of mind, not places to find or discover once a certain list of criteria are met. For those of us who have had the privilege of observing what life is like in developing your countries (see the feature image taken in Sierra Leone, West Africa) you will understand that happiness can be found with very little material possession involved! The secret to this is being grounded, and it is so often overlooked in our modern conceptualisations of life and spiritual awareness. Each moment of conscious thought is actually quite amazing and is so often overlooked and taken for granted.

Your natural environment is important!

The feeling of staying grounded can be strengthened through work in the root chakra (if you subscribe to this belief system) and some simple meditation along with some breathing techniques. It is always useful to have some plants or vegetation around to help you align yourself with the planet- grounding yourself within your social class or social structure is like grounding yourself on an unsteady tightrope. The planet is unshakable and unending, align yourself with this.

These are not only good practices to start or end your day with, but can also serve as coping mechanisms because lets face it, no one can be grounded and calm all the time. At times you will feel disconnected from the world around you, and you may feel a disconcerting feeling of total alienation, this is usually a sign that you need to re-ground yourself.

Live. Laugh. Learn.

I always tell my friends that their existence is actually a miracle. Imagine for a movement your great great grandparents met at a library. Now imagine you went back in time and flipped the ‘open’ sign of the library to ‘closed’ the day they were supposed to meet. Something a simple as that would probably result in you no longer even being conceived! The actual chances of you being born prior to being born are practically zero if you think about it logically. Spiritually speaking this is not really the case, but this is a good visualisation tool for the ego mind when you’re feeling down and out.

You aren’t alive on this planet by accident- live laugh and most importantly, learn!


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