Planning your future, whilst living your life.
Nothings happening to you, you are simply happening.

Planning your future, whilst living your life.

As we have previously mentioned, time is in itself an illusion. We won’t go into TOO much depth as to how time works, but we will say again that thinking and planning your future is more or less a distraction from the most important time in your life- right now.

But don’t I need planning in order to create my ideal future?

A positive future can be manifested through your intent, but this intent must take place from your current perspective. To think about what you want your future to look like, is actually manifesting intent from the perspective of your future self!

This is like being hungry for a meal, but instead of cooking yourself food for right now, you plan yourself a meal for your future self which you imagine will also be hungry tomorrow. Doesn’t make much sense does it? Your future planning is actually just you doing your best to control future events- which cannot be controlled.

Our tendency to do this is because of the time lag between manifestations, obviously manifesting your ideal future is not as simple as preparing yourself a meal to eat in 10 minutes. Its more like learning how to attract your ideal meal through living in a way which places yourself in a perfect position to have that meal exactly when you need it. I know this sounds impossible, but I suggest you do your research on the laws of attraction and the powers of manifestation; as this is exactly what I am articulating. The strategies and means to do this effectively are quite numerous, but the important thing is to exist in the now and feel while becoming that which you are trying to manifest.

After that, its all about having faith. Not only in the universe, but in yourself and your own processes.

But life can get stressful! Its hard to keep yourself in a stressful present while staying positive.

Absolutely true. You must first understand that this stress someway somehow is just another one of your manifestations. Its hard to take responsibility for that which is being done to you, but we are all sovereign beings. You decide what you feel in every waking moment of the day.

Lets say you are driving perfectly fine, and someone hits the back of your car, incurring damage, then speeds off. Now to the average person this will be infuriating! As you have done nothing to deserve this being done to you right? Wrong. Nothing has actually happened to you and barely anything has happened at all in the grand scheme of things.  But it is your opinion of the thing itself which has now become the centre of your universe. Your opinion of the thing (and we come back to the ego-mind here) has now become your thoughts, your feelings, your reality.

Before you know it, your whole day is ruined.

The trick is in trying to be a conscious observer of your reality and not overly engrossed to the point that it decides how you feel all the time. Its like watching a movie whilst being aware its a movie versus watching a movie fully invested- almost as if you are in the movie itself!

This is the 3D experience for you. Being fully invested in the movie. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: isn’t the watching a movie 10 times better when we’re fully invested?

Yes and no.

A movie shouldn’t decide how you feel. You should decide how you feel when watching the movie. We may be overusing this analogy, but we feel its useful.

The trick is dipping in and out. Imagine you’re fully invested in a movie, you want something to happen next, so you dip out to focus on what you want to see next, dip back in and viola the plot steers itself to show you what you wanted! Sounds like cheating right? This is (in very very very simplistic terms) how life works. In reality its more that you focus on what you want to feel next, not what you want to see.

With real life the main difference is that you are steering the plot from your subconscious mind, giving yourself the the illusion of having zero control and thinking that everything is happening to you.

In reality, you are happening. That’s it.

That’s great and all, but how do I create the ideal future or “plot line” that I want?

This is where our analogy falls short. You cannot control how events unfold around you. All you can do is focus on a feeling that you want to feel and let the universe create a circumstance that reflects that feeling back to you. You live what you attract.

In summation, you cannot control your future. You can only control what you presently experience. When things get rough, try to dip out, become aware of the movie and shift your vibrational frequency (feelings and emotion) to a place which reflects what you want to experience and dip back in whilst maintaining that frequency.

We make it sound simple but this requires much practice- and to be honest, you shouldn’t be perfect at it. We’re only human. It’d be insane if you can live some kind of perfect life navigating the universe like an obstacle course only attracting the feelings that you want.

All anyone can ask of you (including yourself) is that you simply do your best!


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